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Spotted Fin Classic Corn

Spotted Fin have taken the attraction of sweetcorn and turned it into a complete bait range, and itโ€™s simply stunning


Confident and bold, Spotted Fin have taken the bait market by storm since their arrival on the scene just a few years ago. But despite adopting a fresh approach to product development, they haven’t lost sight of the fundamentals of creating bait - hence the launch of this new range, ‘Classic Corn’, centred on the natural pulling power of sweetcorn.

So this is a sweetcorn-flavoured boilie?
Yep. All the benefits associated with boilies, such as durability, adaptability and baiting range (with a catapult or throwing stick), mixed with the allure of sweetcorn.

Is it just sweetcorn in these boilies?
No, the base mix is packed with corn but also milled peanut and corn steep liquor blended with tiger nut extract and sweet spices. The result is a boilie with a dark yellow colouration and a distinctive taste and texture.


These ‘Pillows’ are perfect for pressured venues where you want to offer something different to 99% of the other anglers.

Sounds lush. Sweetcorn is famously easy for carp to digest. How do these compare?
Boilies obviously have a different constituency to corn, but the Classic Corn range - which includes freezer bait and shelf-lifes - has been designed to be as palatable as possible for genuine year-round use.

Is it just boilies in the range?
No, as we’ve come to expect from Spotted Fin, this is a comprehensive range. It includes matching wafters, pop-ups and pre-glugged hookbaits, plus various liquids and a matching paste. The boilies themselves are available in 12, 15 or 20mm round options, or in 12mm Pillows. You can also get Classic Corn method-ready pellets, groundbait, stick mix and method mix.

Put it this way: shooting the next volume of the OlogyFix book - ‘The Pros Rigs and Mixes’, revealed the likes of Fairbrass, Maker and Hewitt all add sweetcorn to their spod mixes.

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