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Squid's In! The Bait That Keeps On Giving!

Nash’s classic range keeps on producing...


There are only a handful of bait companies who can boast of having truly classic recipes in their range. For Nash, however, the difficulty comes in selecting which classic to go for, such is the pedigree of their line-up through the ages. But always jostling for position among the all-time greats is the mighty Scopex Squid. 

Back on the scene
Scopex Squid was a huge hit in the 1990s and 2000s for Nashbait, but then disappeared from public view for a number of years. It was re-released about four years ago and almost instantly re-established itself as a hugely potent big-fish bait. 

Campaign ready
The Scopex Squid boilies have a subtle but complex taste and aroma, typical of classic big-fish campaign boilies that will catch consistently without ‘blowing’. Throughout its long life it’s been responsible for countless PBs and records, including Gary Bayes’s capture of Two-Tone at a then-British-record weight of 61lb 2oz.


Winning pedigree
If you still need convincing of the quality of Scopex Squid, a look at the bait’s notable captures should do the trick. These are the boilies that tripped up Conningbrook’s record-breaking Two-Tone six times and caught Jim Shelley The Client from Fen Drayton and the iconic Black Mirror from Colnemere, whilst a young Darrell Peck slaughtered The Car Park back in the early 00s.  

What’s in it? Well, the basis for this all-time classic is LT90 fishmeal, blended fishmeal, Nectarblend, Haith’s Red Factor, Nashbait’s cereal blend, squid extract, 30-mesh acid casein, yeast extract, Scopex No.1, red liver oil and sweetener. That’s quite a who’s who of top ingredients! 


A complete range
As you’d expect from Nashbait, there’s a comprehensive range of options in the Scopex Squid line-up. There are Cultured Hookbaits which have undergone a layering and glazing process to constantly leak out attraction, plus pink, yellow and natural pop-ups. There’s also a flake version of pre-processed chops and slivers, 2mm and 6mm pellets, syrup and a Stick mix.

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