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Stunning Leads At Amazing Prices!

Looking for a new lead supplier? Here’s one who makes great leads and great prices


These leads sink. The end? Well, there’s a bit more to it with Smudge Leads. Founded by lifelong angler Graeme Smith, these weights do indeed meet their primary objective and sink. But you already knew that. What differentiates them from the other lead companies out there is a combination of quality and price. Anyone can pour some molten lead into a mould and create something vaguely usable, but these leads are of genuine quality. All of them come in three colour options—Muddy Green, Camo Brown and Camo Black—and there are five patterns of lead available covering all the usual suspects such as Inline Flat Pear, Dumpy Distance and Square Pear. Our favourite is the beautifully shaped Heli design.

Lead sizes across the range vary from 2oz all the way up to 6oz and each one is expertly finished with either a strong swivel or heli ring attachment or quality inline fittings. Perhaps surprisingly, given their quality, these leads won’t cost you the earth. All four swivel options (Flat Pear, Dumpy Distance, Heli and Square Pear) are just 80p each, while the Inline Pears are a quid-a-pop. Online orders over £50 also qualify for free postage. 

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