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Taking carp safety to the next level

Carp: thank Avid Carp!

Avid Carp has packaged up carp safety and put it into one very clever, quick breakdown unhooking mat. Said unhooking mat is what us guys here at CARPology are calling “the next level of carp safety”.

Thanks to be raised off the floor, the risk of a carp hurting itself is reduced dramatically. Where on a traditional mat, when a carp kicks, it can whack its head and body, however, thanks to be held in a cradle, the fish literally can’t do any damage whatsoever. Now whilst cradle style mats aren’t anything radically new, these two offerings from Avid, the Safeguard and Safeguard X, turn what is a good concept into an exceptional one. Where other offerings are a nightmare for transport (think: bulky and time-sapping when it comes to putting it together), these two mats feature a clever collapsible frame that folds shut to provide a compact package for transport.

“It took us less than 10 seconds to get the mat out of the carry bag and set-up. Seriously, these unhooking mats are brilliant!”

Both have fully padded exterior and interior for increased fish protection, all of which is fish-friendly. The centre strip of the mats is made from a mesh which offers better water drainage and there’s a cover flap to temporarily secure the fish. When set-up, the Safeguard measures 90 (L) x 50cm (W) and the Safeguard X is 120 (L) x 70cm (W). And finally, both mats come complete with carry bags for even more condensed storage and transport.

Okay, this is a big and bold statement, what we truly believe what you’re looking at here is the ultimate when it comes to the big three… 1: fish protection and care. 2: easy of usage and transport. And 3: value for money. Avid, we (and more importantly, the carp) salute you!
“Gimme”: £69.99 and £79.99