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CompleX-T: this baitโ€™s well on its way to classic status


When it comes to collaborating on monster hits, Dynamite and Terry Hearn are the Lennon and McCartney of bait. The two angling institutions already had the hugely successful Crave and Source boilies under their belts when they got together again in 2017 to create the CompleX-T range. This is a fishmeal boilie that’s equally potent in cold water as it is in the height of summer. Even in readymade form it has a noticeably soft, open texture for maximum leakage of attractants and takes on liquids beautifully. 

Key ingredients include LT94 fishmeal, pre-digested liver extract, high-nucleotide yeast, Antarctic krill and Haith’s cod liver oil and Robin Red. In short, it’s a boilie built on the longstanding HNV (high nutritional value) principle that has produced so continuously accounted for thousands of big carp. 

The shelf-life boilies are available in 12, 15, 18 and 20mm sizes, while the freezer baits can be purchased in 15 or 20 options. You can also buy 14mm dumbbells. As is always the way with Dynamite, the range of complimentary products is extensive, with dips, liquids, fluoro hookbaits, pellets, paste, wafters and pop-ups available.

What’s available?
Boilies £11.49 a kilo; £43.99 for 5kgs
Wafters £4.49
Pellets (4, 6 and 8mm) £4.99
Tuff Paste £4.99
Hardened Hookbaits £4.99
Foodbait Pop-Ups £6.99
Fluoro Pop-Ups £6.99
Rehydration Liquid £8.25
Concentrate Dip £5.25
Base Mix & Liquid Kit £9.99

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