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There are no compromises with Kryston's newest leader: Hard Rock


Winding up the biggest casts and releasing them with the force of an Olympic hammer thrower puts a lot of strain on your main line, so a shockleader is essential to absorb all those forces you vaguely remember from physics lessons at school.

In Hard Rock, Kryston have created the ultimate conduit for smashing out huge casts without blowing up your equipment. Rated at 60lb breaking strain (with a linear strength of 90lb), this braided leader is woven from high-performance fibres to create the ultimate leader. Despite its strength, Hard Rock is made from eight fibres and is light and fine, allowing it to fly far and true as it exits your rod guides. It has zero-stretch, so all your casting power is transferred directly to your lead, spod or marker as you watch it sail to the horizon.

Kryston’s top five iconic products

1. Super Nova
Carp fishing’s first mainstream braid.

2. Merlin
A successor to Super Nova, Merlin had added weight.

3. Snake Bite/Snake Skin
The dawn of the coated-braid era was ushered in by these guys.

4. Bogey
This gooey, sticky product still remains unique today.

5. Heavy Metal
The connoisseur’s rig putty!

As you’d expect from Kryston, Hard Rock is also extremely abrasion resistant so it can also be used as a snag leader in ultra-demanding conditions. It comes on 150m spools allowing you to rig up multiple rods from each purchase. £39.99 -

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