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SONIK impress once again with the SK4XTR range of carp rods

Specialists in honest, hardwearing, well-made, good-looking lengths of carbon, SONIK's new addition for 2013, the SK4XTR Carp Rods, are, as you'd expect, something very, very special. This is the fourth generation of rods from the northern-based company and sits between their top-end NCT Carp Rods and then SK3XTR models. 

In terms of their build, SONIK have manufactured these using the latest generation, low resin, high modulus carbon fibres to provide a blank that is slim, sensitive and very powerful. In addition to this, the butt section is overlaid with a 1K carbon weave to add extra power where needed to provide a rod that will comfortably cast 3 to 5oz leads to well beyond 150mts. 

So what else is new on this latest collection? Well plenty. New cosmetics include concave, ventilated collars with red insert, matched to metallic red tippings, laser-etched butt cap and a neat, line-friendly custom line clip. Finally, the reel seat is a custom SONIK 20mm DNPS with soft-touch pain finish - which, along with all the other niceties, just adds masses of class and style to this mid-ranged carp rods. 

Those 'me' days and caution-to-the-wind splurges seem a rarity in this age of fiscal uncertainly, but if you're on the look out for a new set of carp rods this Christmas or to spend your Crimbo money on, then make sure you check out this surprisingly well-priced range, they truly are stunning.

They come in one length - 12ft - but two butt ring options: 40 and 50mm, with test curves of 2.75 (only in the 40mm version), 3, 3.25 and 3.5lb, with prices starting from as little as £189.99.

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