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Wader Container Explainer

Vass have just the thing for carrying your waders safely (and it has yellow straps)


When non-anglers poke fun at our oh-so-sexy pastime they often cite the wearing of waders as one of our biggest collective oddities. But these people clearly haven’t witnessed the wader revolution of the last decade, spearheaded by Vass and their yellow straps. Waders are now cool. Leaky ones, however, are not. So, if you’re looking to keep yours in tip-top condition you might need to offer them some protection…

1. Unmistakably Vass 
It’s often the simplest design touches that become the most iconic. And angling’s version of the Nike swoosh or GTi badge is the yellow strap. Vass couldn’t make a wader bag and not include yellow carry handles.

2. Breathable
On the short sides of this bag are a pair of large mesh panels to allow the contents to breathe. This stops moisture from becoming trapped in the waders and keeps them less stinky than they might otherwise become!


3. Keeps dirt away
Compared to some angling accessories, waders are relatively fragile and need a bit of love and attention. Keeping them in a bag like this protects them from sharp objects and from getting covered in dirt.

4. Drawcord security
The top of the Vass Wader Bag can be sealed snuggly with a drawcord fastener. This stops dirt getting in, but also stops your grubby waders making a mess in your car after a long session of plodding through silty margins!


5. Plenty of room
Whether you wear lightweight waders or prefer an extra-durable pair with the largest boot size, this bag is deceptively roomy and will swallow up just about any model you choose to place in it. 


Wader tips

1. Wading out of your depth is dangerous so use a prodding stick like a landing net handle to feel your way.
2. Don’t fold your waders tightly when not in use. Lay them flat or hang them from the boots to keep them in A1 condition.
3. Hanging your waders from the straps can stress the seams and pull the straps out of shape.
4. Always dry your waders after use and before storing them for any period of time.

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