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Wychwood MHR Brolly Accessories

Wychwood have two great new accessories for their MHR Brolly...


The Wychwood MHR Brolly is one of the best on the market, with a 60-inch frame, tough-as-they-come heavy-duty ripstop fabric and a space-saving boss (MHR stands for ‘max head room’). Updated in 2018 with a MK2 version that included more front pegging points and a redesigned bell cap, it’s one of the best performers available - and now it has two new accessories for added versatility. 


60” MHR Mozzi Front
Although designed to fit the MHR perfectly, this full mozzi-mesh front will actually work with most 60-inch brollies on the market because it simply attaches around the bell cap using a drawstring. Tension is then added using the multiple pegging points at the front. After such a simple installation you get complete front visibility with protection from insects. There’s a single central crash zip for exiting in a hurry and pegs and a bag are included.


60” MHR Brolly Front
Based on the same principles as the Mozzi Front, the Brolly Front fits most 60ins open-fronted brollies and turns them into a more complete shelter. Made from ripstop material, this well-priced front has a 5,000mm hydrostatic head to keep you dry and a letterbox-style door. Like the Mozzi Front, attachment is via a drawstring around the bell cap, with tension provided by the front pegging points. It comes with rod-retaining straps on the front and is supplied with pegs and a bag.

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