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Wychwood's New Comforter Range Hits The Spot!

This range is perfect both in comfort and logistics!


With consultants like Nick Helleur, it’s no wonder Wychwood have a canny knack for creating luggage solutions that simply work for the modern carper. Anyone who’s seen or used one of their bedchairs or bivvies in recent years will also know how highly they regard selecting the right materials and colours, and it’s clear that attention to detail has carried over into the new Comforter range of products. 

1. Comforter Packsmart 
The original Packsmart concept, which featured a clever fold-out design and three detachable pouches, has been given an update. The smaller detachable pouch now sits at the top of the rucksack rather than the bottom and the whole unit is more ergonomic. The combination of rugged 600D outer fabric, a stow-away rain cover, padded shoulder straps, plus solid zips and buckles, creates a quality package capable of holding plenty of gear for a weekend session and beyond. £79.99

How much can it hold? 

Martin Tracey reveals the contents which fits inside his Comforter Packsmart: Base Section: “1 x Large EVA Accessory Bag that holds 8 pots of hookbaits and booster bottles, plus other baiting tools such as Korda Krusha, spare Spombs and catapults. 2 x Medium Accessory Bags that holds leads, hooklink materials, marker floats and bulkier items of terminal tackle. Side Section 1: 3 x alarms, 2 x buzzer bars, a selection of banksticks and stage stands. Side Section 2: Tube of PVA mesh, pot of PVA nuggets, Korda Tackle Safe, Korda Rig Safe, Korda Chod Safe. Top Section: Fortis polaroids, headtorch, spare batteries, small radio, bivvy light, charger and leads, vlogging accessories and filming light.”

2. Comforter Multi Rod Sleeve 10ft and 12ft 
Capable of carrying three rods made up with reels attached in the main compartment, plus more rods on the outside, these compact sleeves are capable of lugging plenty of tools. A further pocket can be used for stashing banksticks and a landing net, and you also get the comfort of a padded shoulder strap, plus an external lead pocket.


3. Comforter Packsmart Mini
This product takes the Packsmart concept and shrinks it down for use with terminal tackle. Two detachable ‘wing’ pouches fold out either side of a main compartment and the whole bundle can be carried, or pulled from your bag, with handles on two sides. £29.99

4. Comforter Tackle Organiser Large and Small 
Slotting in perfectly to the existing Comforter range of larger luggage items, these two Tackle Organisers will swallow plenty of rig bits. The larger option features a central divider with eight foam rig discs, plus five large zipped wallets and a clear divided pocket in the lid. Its smaller sibling has two Velcro dividers and a clear zipped pocket inside the lid. Both items are made with 600D material and have bespoke zips and grab handles. £14.99 and £29.99

5. Comforter Rod Sleeve 10ft and 12ft
These single rod sleeves offer a simple and safe way for carrying your rod, and can be bunched together or used on the outside of other holdalls. The 10ft and 12ft options will fit the most popular current rod sizes and are made from 600D fabric with duraflex clips and buckles. A lead pocket is a handy addition on the outside, while the padded shoulder strap takes the strain. £59.99 and £64.99


6. Comforter Carryall
This classically proportioned carryall is designed with the mobile roving angler in mind, but still has plenty of storage space for essentials. The large central compartment is flanked by three external zipped pockets and there’s a comfortable carry strap included. £54.99


7. Comforter Rucksack 
Another product aimed at the nimble angler, this rucksack has a large central pocket, two long pockets down the side and a further two compartments on the front and top. Quality zips and 600D material provide toughness, while the padded straps offer comfort on the move. £59.99


8. Comforter Session Cool Bag 
This two-tiered cool bag serves up chilled food and bait during longer sessions. The separate foil-lined compartments (which stack nicely) allow you to store boilies and grub apart, while the thick webbing and carry handles provide the strength to lift it. £49.99


9. Comforter Carry Strap 
This universal shoulder strap can be used in conjunction with luggage across the Comforter range, further increasing the versatility of these new items. It’s made from 600D outer fabric and has super-strong clips and buckles, plus padding for comfort. £3.99

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