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Attaching maggots to your rig

Angling bushcraft - the best way to attach your tiptop maggots. Martin Pick shows you how...

1 You need: maggots, bait floss, a sewing needle and some scissors.

2 Right, first off, start by taking a 12-inch length of floss like so.

3 Thread 10 maggots onto your needle, pushing the needle through the fat end.

4 You should end up with a little bunch of maggots like Martin has here.

5 Pass the floss through the eye of the needle and pull the maggots onto the floss.

6 Next, carefully tie a couple of Granny Knots to secure the maggots.

7 Now pass the floss through the Hair loop.

8 Secure with three Granny Knots.

9 Your maggots are now attached and ready to entice a hungry carp.