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Back to basics: Creating the perfect 'D'

Is the size and shape of a 'D' really worthy of a whole website article?!

Is the size and shape of a ‘D’ really worthy of this many column inches? According to Hearn, Hamilton and Holness, and any other uber successful carp angler, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. One of the very neatest tiers of a ‘D’ we’ve seen is Nigel Sharp and here’s how he creates his…

“Once the hook is tied on, I leave a long tag end. Onto this I thread a 3mm rig ring or bait screw and then pass it back through the eye of the hook and pull it up tight. I cut the tag 50% wider than the gape of the chosen hook, in my case, a super sharp Gardner Chod, and then blob it to half the width of the gape. Once cooled, this is butted back up to the eye. Gentle thumb pressure at the eye end of the ‘D’ makes it slightly tear-drop shaped… Perfect. These rules of thumb ensure exactly the same size and shape ‘D’ on every rig.”