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Can you fish a bottom bait on a Multi Rig?

We ask Lewis Read if a Multi Rig can be used with bottom baits as well as pop-ups and if any rig adjustments are needed

I love everything about this rig, especially how you can change the hook within seconds without actually retying the whole rig. However, although it looks perfect when fished with a pop-up, can it be used with bottom baits and if so, do I need to set it up slightly different to when it’s fished with a pop-up?
Toby via e-mail

Lewis Read says: “The basic rig dynamics created by the Multi Rig safely mimics the mechanics of the infamous ‘bent’ hook, ensuring the hook will turn as soon as the hooklink is drawn tight.

“Realistically, all you need to do is take the counterbalance putty off the rig and away you go. Changes aren’t strictly necessary, but personally I prefer to make a couple of small tweaks to make the rig work just how I want it.

“Most of the time my rigs incorporate a hook loop that is invariably between 3 and 4cm long – governing the height of the pop-up. For the bottom bait version I prefer to have the loop ‘only just’ long enough to mount the hook over as I feel that the shorter loop means there is greater likelihood of hook and loop all entering the fish’s cavernous mouth and therefore the point at which the hook will turn will be the knot that forms the loop.

“The 3-4cm loop is fine with a pop-up as these tend to go much further into the carp’s mouth on the initial suck, but with a bottom bait I am never so sure this will happen. The other tweak is to use a couple of small pieces of Critical Mass Tungsten Putty along the hooklink with a balanced bait (like a snowman) so that the rig settles in the correct orientation, flat to the hookbait set to surprise a browsing Cyprinid.”