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Danny Fairbrass Rigs

Danny Fairbrass' Spin On The Spinner Rig

Danny reveals his take - and it involves a wafter hookbait...

THIS MODIFIED VERSION OF THE MODERN-DAY CLASSIC, the Spinner Rig, uses one of the new D-Rig Kickers which helps to create a perfect presentation to fish close to the lakebed in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the wafter hookbait Dan uses (the Diamond Whites are lush!), it sits nice and low and kicks away from the lead everytime. Here’s how he puts it together…

What you need:

Kamakura Wide Gape B (size 4)
D-Rig Kickers
Spinner Swivel
20lb IQ2
Anti-Tangle Sleeves
Mainline Wafter Hookbaits (15mm)

1. We’ll start with the boom section: Dan crimps a Spinner Swivel at one end and ties a Figure-Of-Eight-Loop knot at the other.

2. Take one of the D-Rig Kickers and trim 2/3mm off the end section. Thread on a Micro Rig Swivel to the D-Rig Kicker and then mount this onto your hook.

3. Attach the hook to the Spinner Swivel and slide the Kicker down to secure.

4. Mount your chosen wafter hookbait (Dave Lane swears by the Salty Squid ones!) using the Blobbing Method and then thread on an Anti-Tangle Sleeve before attaching the rig to your Quick-Change Swivel.

5. Check that the hookbait/rig is sitting correctly in the margin before casting out. Job done!

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