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Gaz Fareham Rigs

Gaz Fareham's 5 Rig Must-Dos

The little tweaks and adjustments that Gaz always makes

1. A hovering act

“I always balance out my bottom bait presentations, aiming to have the hook sat flat on the lakebed and the hookbait hovering just above. I either use cork and a drill for nuts, or drill out and shot down a pop-up. Or roll a custom balanced bottom bait.”

2. Make it balanced

“Balance the rig to the situation. All the rigs I used can be tweaked and adapted and I carry a range of hook sizes and a few different hooklink materials that can be used dependant on the scenario and situation.”

3. Super sharp

“I’m fanatical about hook sharpness. I sharpen all my pop-up rigs, using the eyeglass to hone them to a needle. If I’m fishing gravel with a bottom bait I often don’t, and carefully sift through the pack looking for one that grabs my nail with the slightest of pressure.”

4. Perfection finish

“I try to tie my rigs with absolute consistency, and a perfectionist finish. I always have, it probably makes little difference but it makes me happy to know it is as good as I can possibly make it.”

5. The Situation

“I will always sit and consider what I’m fishing over, what the baiting situation is, and what the pressure cycle of the lake it, and adapt my thinking and presentation accordingly. Longer links over spreads of boilie, shorter over particle etc. I don’t believe there is one single ‘do all’ rig in anyone’s armoury.”