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How to tie a perfect Knotless Knot rig

A well tied Knotless Knot rig will catch more than a poorly tied 'complex' rig...

1. You can’t go wrong with a lovely soft hooklink like Trickster Heavy. Soft braids feel natural and allow the hook to turn whichever direction the carp approaches the bait.

2. Start off by tying a small Overhand Loop Knot in the end of the hooklink. This will form the Hair and the loop will hold the boilie stop that retains the hookbait in place.

3. Cut off the excess from the loop knot and then cut off the required length. Allow a few inches more for knots and thread the end through the hook eye towards the point as shown.

4. The loop/Hair should be positioned like this, allowing the right length for the Hair. The hookbait should just touch the bend of the hook when finished.

5. Holding the Hair and hook in position wrap the hooklink around the hook shank as shown. For the strongest results avoid the first wrap from being straight onto the join in the hook's eye.

6. A standard Knotless Knot works best with between seven and nine turns. This will vary slightly with different hook patterns, here we’re using a Wide Gape Talon Tip so eight wraps is perfect.

7. Finish off by threading the hooklink back through the eye towards the hook point. The angle of pull this creates turns the hook towards the fishes bottom lip and keeps pulling the hook in.

8. A well tied Knotless Knot Rig will catch more than a poorly tied ‘complex’ rig. After that you can start experimenting with the hairs position, length and adding tubing/kickers.