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James Vincent Rigs

How to tie a shockleader knot

Tie a neat tapered shockleader knot. It might look confusing, but it's easy and very safe...

1  The first thing you will need is 80lb braid for the leader material.

2  Tie an Overhand Knot at one end, but don’t tighten it down yet.

3  Pass your main line through the loop. Here I’m using 10lb XTS.

4  The next step is to wind the mono around the braid with ten turns.

5  Holding the lines in place, wind back towards the loop six times.

6  Now you can take the tag end of the mono back through the loop.

7  It is at this stage that you now tighten down the Overhand Knot.

8  Moisten the turns of mono line and slowly pull them tight like so.

9  With six turns of braid on the reel plus the drop you’re ready to cast.