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How to tie Adam Penning's Multi Rig MkII

Adam Penning's step-by-step guide...

As with all rigs you are looking to achieve an accessible, concealed and tangle-free presentation.

When fishing over silt, I’ll always opt for a MK Multi-Rig presentation, fished with a pop-up. The pop-up section is kept to a minimal length, as near to the lakebed as possible.

The stiff coated boom section eliminates tangles and is adjusted in length depending on the depth of the silt for perfect rig lay.

Another benefit of the MK2 Multi-Rig is that the hook can be easily changed if needed, without having to retie the entire rig.

You will need...
1. Take 6 inches of Pro Chod Mono in 0.53mm and fold in half.
2. Use the hook to gauge the length of loop needed.
3. Form a smaller loop at the desired length of the main line loop using the tag ends.
4. Take a section of Reptilian Coated Braid and remove 3 inches of coating to expose the inner braid and pass through the smaller loop.
5. Whip around the main loop seven times and three times back on itself before passing through the smaller loop. Lubricate and bed knot down before pulling tight.
6. Ensure there is a 1 inch uncoated section behind the finished knot. This allows 360 movement of the hook.
7. Pass the mono loop through the front of the hook eye and slide on a medium-sized rig ring. Tip: Use a fine braid or floss to pull the mono through the eye.
8. Pass the mono loop over the hook-point.
9. Using a bait drill, form a 'D' on the shank of the hook. Use the hooklink to tension the loop and steam to keep its shape.
10. Add a short section of silicone tubing to protect the knot and a drop of tungsten putty where the coating starts.
11. Thread a Downforce Anti-Tangle Sleeve and attach a Quick-Change Ring Swivel.
12. Lasso the pop-up with bait floss and tie to the rig ring using a series of overhand knots before carefully fusing tag-ends together with a lighter.
13. Attach to a Helicopter style leader. Adjust stop beads depending on depth of silt.