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How to tie an Albright Knot

Your step-by-step guide...

The Albright Knot is a simple and easy knot to tie once you have got the hang of it. It is used when attaching a supple braid to a stiff fluorocarbon in a Combi Rig or when attaching a mono or fluorocarbon leader to your main line.

001 Firstly, double over your fluorocarbon hooklink so that you have a neat loop.

002 Thread your supple braid through the middle of the fluorocarbon loop.

003 Wrap the supple braid around the two pieces of fluorocarbon six times.

004 Now wrap the supple braid back down towards the loop four times.

005 Thread your braid back through the loop the opposite way from when you started.

006 Moisten the knot and gently pull all of the ends to tighten the knot down.

007 Trim off any excess so that you are left with a neat and very strong knot.

008 Here is your finished knot ready-to-go! It’s awesome and it won’t let you down!