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Danny Fairbrass Rigs

How to tie Danny Fairbrass' Hinged Stiff Link

Follow our step-by-step guide...

There’s a hundred and one versions of various original rig concepts. Take the Choddy for example: the original, the MK2 (that’s the one with the mini two-inch boom), the Aggressive Chod (Jim Shelley stylee) - and, there’s now the Roddie! The Hinged Stiff Link is no different and featured here is Mr. Korda himself, Danny Fairbrass’ take on it. Unlike most versions of the Hinge, which are clumbersome and heavy-duty, Dan’s is dainty and balanced: a much neater boom section, a smaller hook than most use, and a shorter hooking section. Here’s how you tie it…

What you need:

Hybrid 20lb Stiff Coated Braid
Two size 11 Flexi Ring Swivels
Krimps (Large) and Krimping Tool
Mouth Trap 20lb
Size 8 Choddy hook
Small Rig Ring
Bait floss
Leadcore leader and Heli Safe System

1. Start by taking a seven- or eight-inch length of 20lb Hybrid (the finished boom length should be around five-inches).

2. Thread on a Large Krimp, followed by a size 11 Flexi Ring Swivel (swivel eye end) and then ‘crimp’ with the Krimping Tool.

3. You then need to repeat this at the other end of the hooklink, but make sure you crimp to the ring on the swivel this time.

4. Now for the ‘Choddy’ hook section.

5. To connect your hook section to the swivel, use a Two-Turn Blood Knot: wrap the material around itself twice and then pass it back through the loop. Tighten and then blob.

6. The size 8 Choddy hook is then attached via a Whipping Knot. Thread the hook on so the material is running down the shank and then create a large loop. Pinching the material against the shank, wrap it around the shank in the direction of the bend. With that complete, continue whipping it around, but now heading back towards the eye.

7. Once you’ve made five to seven turns, hold the turns in your fingers and then using your other hand, pull the tag end - this will start to bed the knot down.

8. You should then be left with a barrel sitting halfway down the hook shank.

9. Wet again and slowly tease the barrel towards the hook eye. Once it’s sitting against the eye, bed it down fully.

10. Take a small rig ring and create a neat tear-drop ‘D’ and then tie on your 14mm pop-up.

11. Add just enough putty to the Krimp on the boom so the pop-up sinks nice and slowly - this will help it kick away from the lead on the boom.

12. And finally the lead set-up: Danny uses this with a leadcore leader and a Heli Safe System.