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How To Tie Jon Jones' Bungee Bag Rig

Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones has scaled back his bungee rig to suit a solid PVA bag...

Bungee rigs have been around for many years, but it was only last month - in our What’s Occurring feature - that we discovered Jon ‘Shoes’ Jones has been using a rather dainty version inside his solid PVA bags.

What you need:
Braided hooklink
Size 8 and 11 swivels
1.5 or 2mm ESP Silicone Tubing
PVA bags
PVA tape

Step 1
Start by tying your size 8 swivel to a length of braid using a Four-Turn Grinner knot.


Step 2
Take a 2-inch length of 1.5 or 2mm (the thinner you can work with the better, as it just neatens everything up) and thread this onto the braid, positioning the end over the eye of the swivel.

Step 3
At the opposite end, tie on your size 11 swivel, using a Four-Turn Grinner knot again.

Step 4
Stretch the silicone tubing down over the braid and fix the end onto the barrel of the swivel.


Step 5
Now make up your hooking section - in our case we’re using a 12mm wafter hookbait, fished with a size 7 on the same braided hooklink material. When attaching this to the swivel, try and tie it as short as possible.

Step 6
As Shoes discussed last month, he loves to fish this inside a PVA bag, so opt for one of the slightly longer bags that are available so you can lay out the bungee section inside the bag. Load up, cast out and bag up!

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