CARPology Rigs

How to tie Steve Renyard's Basic Complicated Rig

This rig has brought Steve considerable success this winter...

Follow this step-by-step guide to make Steve Renyard's basic complicated rig...

1. Start off by taking a length of fluorocarbon hooklink.

2. Form a Hair with a Figure-Of-Eight Loop knot like so.

3. Now attach a dumbbell hookbait to the Hair and secure.

4. You will need a hook with an out-turned eye for this rig.

5. Measure the Hair like so, with the bait at the top of the hook.

6. To secure the hook, whip three times up the hook as shown.

7. Then on the other side of the Hair, whip another six times up.

8. Pass the tag back through the hook and tighten it all down.

9. Bend the Hair back to allow the bait to come off at an angle.