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How to tie the Grinner knot

Having trouble tying strong knots? We explain how to tie one of the best - the Grinner Knot...

Grinner knots are very versatile and can be used in a lot of angling situations. They are easy to tie and are very often referred to as one of the most secure knots going. They are most commonly used to attach your main line to swivels, loops and hooks.

1 Firstly pass your line through the swivel (or hook eye) twice.

2 With the tag end create a large loop next to the line going to the swivel.

3 Pass the tag end around the line and through the loop as shown.

4 Do this five times; this will make the knot really strong and reliable.

5 Gently moisten the knot and pull it down gently so it beds down nicely.

6 Slowly slide the knot up to the swivel and trim the tag end – job done!