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How to tie the mighty German Rig

It’s a very simple to tie but an extremely effective presentation...

The German Rig, The Clone, Scotty K or Stiff Bottom Bait Rig - call it what you will - the fact remains the same: it’s a very simple to tie but an extremely effective presentation, and it works with both a wafter or bottom baits (The German Rig is not a pop-up rig). Here’s how you tie the “standard” version, plus a few tricks on how to make it even more awesome!

What you need:

Semi-stiff coated hooklink material
Curve shank hook
Hook Beads
Hookbait Swivels
XL Rig Drop

1. Start by pulling off 14-inches of a semi-stiff coated braid and tie on a size 4 or 6 curve shank hook using a Knotless Knot. Trim the tag end and then blob with a lighter for extra security.

2. Next thread on a Hookbait Swivel onto the hook shank and secure this in place with a Hook Bead.

3. To help pin the hooklink down - and improve the hooking/turning of the rig - add an XL Rig Drop.

4. Attach your hookbait using bait floss and the Blobbing Method.

5. And finally, tie an extra large Figure-Of-Eight-Loop knot in the end and either add an anti-tangle sleeve or loop it onto the swivel. The doubled over section will help kick it away from the lead.

Extra rig tricks
1. According to Mat Woods, the placement of the Rig Drop is really important. “I used to have it in the middle of the rig just to pin it down, but noticed that if it was the right distance from the hook, the hook would hang prone every time you pick the bait up. So now it lives an inch from the hook.”
2. The positioning the Hook Bead opposite the barb is a big edge. With the bead opposite the barb, every time you pick the bait up, the hook hangs underneath in the perfect position to grab hold.
3. Pre-tie some Germans and then load them onto a rig board. The coated braid then ‘sets’ in the right position.