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CARPology Rigs

How to tie the non-slip knot

A straight, stronger version of the figure-of-eight loop knot

1. The None-Slip-Loop Knot is the perfect knot to create neat, straight loops at each end of your boom section using materials like these two here.

2. A nice tidy loop on your boom section – like those used on rigs such as The Hinged Stiff Link – will allow the hooking section to move more freely.

3. Okay, onto the rig. Start the Non-Slip-Loop knot with a simple Overhand Knot about 20cm from the end like so. Right, onto Step 4 now!

4. Now form another loop by passing the tag back through the Overhand Loop (include a swivel if necessary) you’ve just created. It should look like this…

5. Take the tag around the hooklink, above the knot a few times and pass it back through the centre of the original Overhand Loop (think ‘Blood Knot’ for this bit).

6. Now tighten down. Don’t pull on the loop like you would with a conventional Figure-Of-Eight otherwise you will end up with twists created in the loop.

7. The loop should look like this! Lovely, round and neat; a thing of beauty! Although it might not look super, super neat, it’s mega strong and sits perfectly straight.

8. Take a pair of scissors and trim off the surplus tag material to finish. Note: for extra security, blob that tag end with a lighter and then it’s ready to be used.