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How to tie the perfect Multi Rig

Follow these 10 simple steps to tie the perfect Multi Rig...

1 Skinned hooklinks are perfect for tying Multi-Rigs. We've chosen Sly Skin as it is a stiff skinned hooklink. Cut off 6 inches more than the finished hooklink.

2 Form a Figure of Eight loop knot at both ends. Make sure the loop at one end is large enough to fit a hook through (length ways).

3 Make sure that the loops knots at both ends are fully bedded (tightened) down.

4 Once the knots are securely bedded, trim of the excess from each knot.

5 Using the larger loop, strip a small portion of the skin away from the hooklink just below the loop knot.

6 Push the loop through the eye of the hook. We have used a size 6 Covert Chod hook.

7 Slip a large Covert Rig ring onto the portion of hooklink loop you have already passed through the eye of the hook.

8 Secure the hook and rig ring in position by passing the loop over the hook as shown.

9 With the hooklink and ring now in position it should look like this - with the hooklink forming a 'D' on the back of the shank, with the rig ring on it.

10 Mould on just enough putty to make the hook and pop up hook bait sink when testing it in the edge.