Latest Issue March
Nigel Sharp Rigs

How to work your zigs better

Nigel Sharp explains...

1. Add resistance

“To make my Zigs more effective in slightly deeper water I use a sub-float as this knocks out a bit of slack from the hooklink so when the fish hits the hookbait there’s more resistance.”

2. Flavouring...

“Some people flavour their Zig hookbaits but I’m a firm believer it’s just a visual thing, even at night and it’s for this very reason why I think Zig Bugs work so well.”

3. Zig bugs

“Talking to Zig expert, Chris Boyda, he reckons most Zig Bugs glow like a silver bubble underwater as they attract oxygen around them, and this makes them look like a bug that’s hatched.”

4. Colour choice

“Like my fluoro, I prefer to dull down my Zig hookbaits, which is often a piece of yellow foam which I rub in the mud before casting out. Don’t ask me why, but ‘dull’ works better for me."