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Is there such a thing as a wonder rig?

Is there such thing as a ‘wonder rig’ (i.e. use anywhere rig), if so, can you detail it?

“I think it’s always best to match your rig to the situation. For instance, if you’re using a lot of bait then it makes sense to fish the one on the Hair exactly the same, i.e. on the bottom. I have to say though, I do remember going through a long period with the Chod Rig where I very rarely used anything else, even on venues like the Lee Valley Relief Channel and the River Thames. It didn’t matter if the bottom was choddy, weedy, silty or gravely, I used it everywhere… it just worked! The thing is, this was during a time when it was pretty unique to the fishing of myself and a few close friends, and on waters that hadn’t seen it before. Why change something when it’s working so well? Nowadays, it’s used by far more anglers and so I’ve gone back to taking a bit more care over matching the rig with the bottom and the type of situation I’m faced with – i.e.:
- Clean bottom with lots of free offerings = bottom bait rig.
- Choddy/silk-weedy bottom with minimal baiting = Chod Rig.
- Semi-clean bottom or maybe chucking singles at showing carp = Hinged Stiff Link.
- “That’s by no means the be and end all, but you get my point. There is no wonder rig, it’s generally best to change and adapt your presentation to suit the situation.”