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Leadcore or no leadcore?

One minute I’m told to use leadcore because it pins everything down, then the next it’s better to fish straight through on your main line. What's best? Eric Van Dyke, via email

Nigel Hodgson says: “The simple answer is neither or both! Carp fishing is all about adapting and changing your fishing style and rigs to suit the lake. I know some very good anglers that swear leadcore catches fewer fish than main line fished straight through, but on the flip side many others won’t fish WITHOUT leadcore.

“Personal preference is probably key here. In this day and age with the end tackle components available we can make safe helicopter rigs, lead clip arrangements, Chod Rigs, running rigs, etc., ALL with or without leadcore, so the decision to use it will either fall down to personal preference or the ‘in vogue’ thing to do.

Personally I love leadcore. I would say I use it for 90% of my fishing, but that leaves 10% of my fishing time where I deem it an advantage to take it off for some reason or other. Again, I try and fish to suit the situation rather than “I have to use this”.

“With today’s ultra thin leadcores offering excellent camouflage specifically tailored to different bottoms or for fishing in weed I prefer using leadcore. It provides a safe rubbing section when playing fish, reducing lifted scales and line cuts.

‘Following similar logic, heavy sinking mono and fluorocarbon main lines like ‘Mirage’ are dense and therefore sink brilliantly – with the built-in addition to being less visible in water (if kept clean) and consequently these lines lend themselves to being fished straight through.

“So to summarise, it’s really down to personal preference and what’s best situation.”