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Mike Wilson's Gyro Rig

All the benefits of movement and hooking potential in a purpose designed package for total reliability and confidence...

The Ronnie Rig has been a real revolution in the way we fish pop-ups, but it’s a cobbled together solution. It was a natural evolution to produce a hook with the swivel directly linked to the hook eye. And so the Gyro Rig was born, with a super-sharp Pinpoint Fang X attached to a micro ring swivel. No opening and crimping quick links that could possibly be a weak point and a much neater profile with no protruding pieces of metal. The Gyro Rig provides all the benefits of movement and hooking potential in a purpose designed package for total reliability and confidence. I like to use it fishing a spread of boilies over the top and with a high visibility hookbait and this is a tactic that has brought success on a number of waters. I use it in conjunction with the new SkinLink; this is an excellent material for forming the boom section, and balanced with a Tungsten Bead the stiffness ensuring the rig kicks away from the lead and sits flat. Here’s how I tie it…

How to tie Mike’s Gyro Rig

1. First off, take a Fang Gyro hook (Mike opts for a size 6).

2. Cut a piece of shrink tube to cover the eye and barrel of the swivel.

3. Slide the tube round the hook and over the swivel as shown.

4. Carefully shrink the tube over steam or in boiling water.

5. Next, thread a bait screw on to the hook shank like so.

6. Position a Tungsten Bead at the top of the shank to secure.

7. Onto the hooklink: pull some SkinLink off the spool.

8. Tie one end to the ring on the hook using a Grinner Knot.

9. Trim the tag end with a sharp pair of scissors to leave a neat knot.

10. Cut your hooklink to the desired length; around 10-inches is good.

11. Slide a Tungsten Swivel Bead onto the hooklink like so.

12. Push the bead up so it covers the knot and the ring sits in the slot.

13. Slide on a Tungsten Sinker and position halfway down.

14. Tie a large Overhand Loop in the end of the SkinLink.

15. To finish, thread on an Anti-Tangle Sleeve as shown here.

16. Finally, mount your chosen pop-up using the bait screw.