Rob Hughes Rigs

Rob Hughes' 'Go-Anywhere' Rig

Rob gets very limited angling time - when he does get a widow of opportunity, he has to make it count...

Rob Hughes is probably on par with Alan Blair when it comes to angling time: it’s almost zilch. So when he does get a window of opportunity, he has to make it count, and with this set-up he’s uber confident, meaning he can just focus on the task of ‘finding ‘em, feeding ‘em, and then foxing ‘em!’

What you need:

20lb Camotex Soft
Line-Aligner Sleeves
Size 6 or 8 Fox Edges Medium Curve Hook
Ring Hook Swivel
Hook Bead Stop

“I started using the rig last year when I fished Sumbar in Croatia where my usual size 4 Wide Gape hooks were too small for the fish we were catching,” states Hughes. “I had some size 5 Medium Curves which were actually bigger than Wide Gape 4s so I thought I’d try them instead. I had 21 bites and landed 21 fish, and all were perfectly hooked. I’ve used it as my big fish boilie rig since then and have lost very few fish, but caught a lot of big ones in the process. I now use it with a variety of different sized hooks, from the 5s and 6s for snowman presentations, down to the 8s for single hookbaits, and definitely nails the big girls.”

Rob told us it works best as a bottom bait rig on a clean spot but can be used with pop-ups if required. “I’d probably move to a reverse combi and a pop-up if there is weed around.”

When tying it, Rob advised us to be careful with the knots and not to fracture the coating. “I tend to Grinner Knot the hook on and push the knot into the eye rather than pulling the hook to bed the knot down. The Line-Aligner Sleeve will get you out of trouble if you nick it a little. Oh, and finally, you don’t want to strip back any of the hooklink’s coating - leave it all intact.”