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The Bottom Bait Chod Rig

Adam Penning's step-by-step guide...

As with all rigs you are looking to achieve an accessible, concealed and tangle-free presentation.

Aggressive casts when fishing at distance can often leave rigs prone to tangles and therefore a stiff-style rig with maximum anti- tangle properties is required. For this I use a fine-tuned ‘Bottom Bait Chod Rig’, fished helicopter style.

As the name suggests, this rig was discovered after accidentally attaching a bottom bait to a traditional Chod rig. It was only when unhooking the resulting fish that I discovered my ‘error’, but the hook hold suggested that this rig was equally as effective on the deck.

The Bottom Bait Chod features a few minor tweaks to the traditional buoyant setup such as a supple hair to increase hook rotation and a small loop incorporated at the swivel end for added movement, allowing the rig to be approached from any angle.

You will need...
1. Take 8” of Pro Chod Mono 0.53mm and thread an XC8 hook..
2. Using the tag end that exits the back of the hook, form a loop against the shank.
3. Whip around the tag-end and hook shank four times with the loop and pull the tag end semi-tight.
4. Rotate the hook until both sides of the knot run parallel with the hook and tease down to the hook eye before lubricating and pulling tight using a puller knot.
5. Take 3 inches of Viper 3S braid and tie a small Hair loop to a medium-sized ring swivel.
6. Attach your hookbait and thread the rig ring onto the hook, securing with a Hook Shank Bead parallel to the barb.
7. Tie a small Figure of Eight Loop Knot running through the eye of a size 8/10 ring swivel.
8. Form a slight curve in to Pro Chod Mono using your fingers,
9. Attach to a Helicopter Leader.