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The 'Messi' Maggot Rig!

A very clever maggot rig...

It was RidgeMonkey’s Gareth Evans who came up with this clever little maggot presentation, and what a banger it is too. “I refer to it as ‘The Messi’: small and subtle, but a bloody good kicker without any unnecessary fuss!” jokes Evans. “It’s light and nimble yet ruthlessly aggressive in the danger zone!” Here’s how you tie it…

What you need:

RM-Tec Stiff Coated Hooklink (Camo)
2.5mm Rig Rings
Beaked Point (size 8)
Fake sweetcorn

Pulling it all together

1. Strip back two-inches of the coating and tie on the 2.5mm rig ring.

2. Thread on your piece of fake sweetcorn, flat-sided, and position it against the rig ring.

3. Whip on your Beaked Point hook (Knotless Knot style, making around five turns) and then using a stripper tool, remove all the coating an inch from the hook; this will create a lovely kicker as you can see.

4. At the other end, tie either a Figure-Of-Eight-Loop knot or direct to your swivel using a Grinner.

5. Now for the maggots. Thread five or six onto a length of bait floss and then tie this onto the rig ring using a couple of Granny Knots. Attach a small bag of pellet or maggots and away you go. Deadly… just like Messi!

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