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Adam Penning Rigs

The Micro Chod Rig

Adam Penning's step-by-step guide...

As with all rigs you are looking to achieve an accessible, concealed and tangle-free presentation.

When fishing over weed, I favour the Micro-Chod Rig which is similar to the traditional Chod rig but features a short boom section. This used in conjunction with a helicopter setup allows me to adjust the distance between the lead and rig in order to present on top of the weed.

You will need...
1. Take 8 inches of Pro Chod Mono 0.53mm and thread an XC8 hook.
2. Using the tag end that exits the back of the hook, form a loop against the shank.
3. Whip around the tag-end and hook shank four times with the loop and pull the tag end semi-tight.
4. Rotate the knot until both sides of the knot run parallel with the hook and tease down to the hook eye before lubricating and pulling tight using a puller tool.
5. Thread on a medium-sized rig ring onto the tag-end before passing back through the hook eye to create a 'D'.
6. Set size of 'D' to desired size before trimming the tag-end and carefully blobbing with a lighter to secure.
7. Attach a size 12 ring swivel via a 1-2 turn Blood Knot and curve mono between fingers until the hook-point sits parallel.
8. Tie a 2 inch boom section using Pro Chod Mono 0.53mm to the ring section and attach a size 10 ring swivel at the opposite end using 2-turn Blood Knots.
9. Add a small drop of tungsten putty to the boom knot nearest to the size 12 ring swivel.
10. Lasso your chosen pop-up using bait floss and attach to the rig ring via a series of overhand knots. Carefully fuse tag ends with a lighter.
11. Test the rig buoyancy in the margin before casting, adjusting tungsten putty until the rig descends slowly through the water.