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When should you use a Hinge Stiff Link over a Chod Rig?

What are the rights and wrongs of the two rigs? Micheal Watts, via e-mail

Lewis Read says... “Many anglers can find it quite tricky telling when to use one rig over the other but it is quite easy deciding which one you should use for the given situation.

“Chod Rigs where developed for use in deep silt and over bottom debris, but it was also later found that it was incredibly effective over weed too. The Hinged Stiff Link has always been best suited for harder lakebeds where the hooklink is less likely to sit over any bottom debris. If there is any low-lying weed the hooklink can have a tendency to sit over it in an unnatural way, leaving you very little chance of a pick-up.

“So, if the lakebed you are fishing over is soft, has any weed laying around or is generally quite choddy, then stick with a Chod Rig, but if the bottom is clean and hard, then the Hinged Stiff Link will give you a far superior presentation over a Chod.”