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Why is it so simple?

We pick Terry Hearn's brain on bottom bait rigs...

The big question

Your bottom bait rig is very simple. What’s the thinking behind this set-up and has it evolved much over the last ten years?

“I’ve been using the same rig for most of my bottom bait fishing for almost ten years now. Obviously the pattern of hooks changes from time-to-time, but the principle of how it works stays the same. If I’m using a bottom bait then I will nearly always trap the Hair just past the bend, below the barb, as in my experience this is the best place for the Hair to exit the hook from when using a heavy bottom bait straight from the bag. You only have to play around with it to see that the hook turns much more efficiently when the Hair is tied in this way. The other very efficient way is with the Hair on a ring, blow back style, but to be honest I’ve done so well fishing with the Hair simply trapped just past the bend with silicone that I rarely move away from it anymore. Obviously this sort of heavy bottom bait presentation is most suited to a clean bottom. It just works, it does everything I want it to do. It turns effectively and it catches carp.

“Whatever you’re using, just keep catching ‘em and carry on enjoying it.”