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Indicator guidelines
When to use what type of indicator and how to improve your overall bite indication by 50%
Land ‘em, don’t lose ‘em!
Having caught literally thousands of carp over the last twenty-five years, we contact carp legend Julian Cundiff for his advice on how not to lose the carp you’ve worked so hard to hook
How to make your hookbait stand out
Want to get a quicker take? Then give your hookbait some extra attraction
The Mesh-erschmitt
Carp match ace, Jason Allaway reveals how you can make mesh bags go miles with the secret pva tactic that will transform your range fishing
How to read moon phases
Many things affect fish but could the moon be one of the major ones?
Weather-proof yourself
Thanks to Trakker’s F-32 Combi Suit: their most advanced outfit ever
Bivvy 101 #1
John Hannent consigns three subjects that he particularly loathes in carp fishing. The categories this time are: Produce, People and Products...
If looks could kill
Because, let’s face it, if you blank, you’ll be doing it in style…
Don’t Get Him Started #9
Ian Chillcott’s outlook on life very simple: black is black, white is white, if you shoot and miss, you’ve miss, and the same goes for fish weights…
Bivvy 101 #2
John Hannent consigns another three subjects that he particularly loathes and despises in carp fishing…
10 Things you hate about summer
Summer’s great, right? Not always according to John Hannent…
The greatest reel on Earth?
Daiwa’s new superlight, Basiair Z45QD, costs £999.00. Can three reels costing more than a second-hand Fiesta ever be worth it? Find out here…
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The @NAnglingShow is back and it’s going to be bigger and cheaper than ever! Full details on their Facebook feed:
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What happens when… a carp can’t shed its spawn? James Anderson explains all...
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Big up the @carpology team for the awesome spread on our new D-ploy shelter system #teamwychwood…
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