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Terry Hearn on bite indication
Rob Hughes asks: I am a great believer that fish are very aware of line and line lay and also that it has a big effect on indication. Are you a tight or a slack liner and when do you change between the two? Tel answers...
Do big carp move around a lot?
Large carp obviously have areas where they spend a lot of time and seem to only get caught from these spots, but do you think that they still travel around the lake but just don’t feed in other areas? Tel answers...
Nigel Sharp's Top Ten Carp Captures (Ever)
Nigel Sharp, one of the UK's finest big fish anglers reveals what he thinks are the most special and game-changing carp captures, starting with Walker's record common...
Belachan: explained
CARPology’s bait connoisseurs looks at belacan or as it’s more commonly known: belachan
1999: Now that was a year...
Celebrating yesteryear’s best events, biggest product breakthroughs and record catches. This time around: 1999
The world's longest fights!
So: who's had the longest ever battle? Read on and prepare to have your mind blown!
Boost Your Bags!
Big-carp expert, Chris Lowe reveals everything you need to know about injecting solid PVA bags; a tactic that has allowed him to plunder some of the UK’s most pressured waters
Put the punch back into your pellets
Add some kick to the carp’s favourite fodder
Hot metal
They’re black, packed full of technology, well priced and disgustingly beautiful. Say hello to Avid Carp’s first ever reel collection
Terry Hearn's Biggest Asset Revealed!
CARPology asks: What do you think is your biggest asset: being able to read the weather and the environment around you, or knowing the perfect place to present your hookbait? Terry Hearn answers...
Terry Hearn on catching big carp
CARPology asks: How has your approach changed to catching big carp and what have you improved upon the most? Terry Hearn answers...
Myth Buster #1
Our resident diver, Rob Hughes reveals a common myth and this time around it's: ‘buoyant plastic corn will negate the weight of the hook’
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Top 10 All-Time Greatest Captures! CARPologist, Nigel Sharp, reveals what he thinks are the country's big ten... http://t.co/JCBTQ9fecc
9 hours ago
Another top read! @carpology http://t.co/2bfHBzCpL6 #BroughtBackSomeMemories http://t.co/oBWFxsAnme
15 hours ago
'Hello, success!' Here's your 5 step guide to creating the most attractive bags going... http://t.co/bcFEXtra47 http://t.co/QuYIzHpvxr
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