3 Month Taster + Mainline Pop-Ups From £11.50
The greatest reel on Earth?
Daiwa’s new superlight, Basiair Z45QD, costs £999.00. Can three reels costing more than a second-hand Fiesta ever be worth it? Find out here…
The Titan’s gone topless!
Reflecting almost 20 years of Titan production, the Nash Titan Globetrotter is the world’s first topless bivvy
10 Steps To Knowing Your Swim
Do it the right way with Kev Hewitt
Supermarket Dash!
You’ll be amazed at what’s available in those aisles down at Tesco’s and co…
20 Essential Rig Items
The gadgets and gizmos your tackle box shouldn’t be seen without!
A well priced big pit reel
It’s sexy (if you can call a reel that), it casts like shit off a supersonic shovel and three of them are yours for under £400.00. Say hello to SONIK’s new Tournos 10000
Meet The Slugs
This month Wychwood launch their Slug collection – claimed to be one of the most sensitive bobbins ever made. Here's what we made of them...
Extreme Comfort
Trakker’s now legendary ‘The Best Bed In Its Class’ RLX Flat-6 model has multiple this month and given birth to two siblings: one’s compact and one’s humongous and both are pretty damn awesome!
Happy Meals For Carp
Avid Carper Mat Woods reveals the paste-wrap trick that will pimp your hookbait beyond belief!
Polarised Sunnies: Explained
The carp angler’s most essential, essential, but there’s more to polarised sunglasses than meets the eye (excuse the bad pun). Spec expert, Darran Goulder fills us in...
Nash Tackle Groundhog Brolly
CARPology editor, Joe Wright, gives his feedback to the company’s clever new take on the oval brolly – traditionally a system which he very much dislikes…
A PVA bag with a difference…
Another Nigel Sharp ideal, so another stunning edge…
Latest Issue Deal
Order your copy of the November edition of CARPology featuring Terry Hearn, Gaz Fareham, Darrell Peck and co. plus receive a £10.00 Taska end tackle pack, a tub of Mainline New Grange Dumbell Pop-Ups and a packet of Mainline Hailbut Pop-Ups
***New Film*** The angling journey...https://t.co/wP9gBKSMwP http://t.co/7ykmoFs78a
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Here’s how you create them… http://t.co/uuz7WwS47D http://t.co/ozMBRGL9hA
8 hours ago
@TeamMainline @WychwoodSpeci @atomictackleuk here's my latest from stonies. The one I wanted most of all, Kevs Lin 43 http://t.co/aJ9PIplaJ0
20 hours ago