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Carp Letter from America - March
Our bloggers in America, Simon and Andy, give us their first update on fishing for carp the other side of the pond...
Custom-build, off-the-shelf price tag...
Designed by Danny Fairbrass; custom-built finish throughout by Daiwa; and all for just £200? Say hello to the Longbow DF…
The (Worrying) Future Of Boilies
With fish stocks depleting at a currently uncontrollable rate, will the bait industry's go-to product – fishmeal – soon be a thing of the past?
10 Pieces Of Carping Rubbish
John Hannent reveals his favourite bankside bollocks tales
Q&A Gary Bayes
We question Nashbait's main man and all-round bait guru on good carp baits, winning ingredients and bait crazes
Packed with heritage
Crafty Catcher: a renowned bait firm from the 80’s and 90’s but during the noughties tailed away. It’s now back and we catch up with Crafty MD, Cliff Davis to find out where the brand’s heading…
10 Reasons Not To Go Fishing
There are a million reasons to go – John Hannent covered his favorites last month, but reasons not to go? Pah!
Make this summer the best yet!
Danny Fairbrass reveals his top five edges that will ensure you put more fish on the bank this summer!
Bespoke specials
Why look and use the same as everyone else when Navitas are bringing these under-the-counter specials to the, err, counter?
A modern-day classic
There are times when you want to hoof a lead out, fish under your feet and just sit back and drool at their beauty. It would seem Rod Hutchinson’s 2015 Dream Maker model will do all of these
Taska's vanishing act
Deceptive is Taska’s first foray into the fluorocarbon main line and hooklink sector – which is fiercely competitive territory – but thankfully they have one of two aces with this new collection…
Michelin starred shelf-life boiled food
And the blockbusters just continue to roll off the Mistral Baits production line…
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The 25 Greatest Inventions in Carp Fishing #CARPology #CarpFishing #Fishing #Carp
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