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30 Dec 2016
by CARPology
The CARPology Quiz Of The Year 2016
Well, that was 2016, but how much do you remember? Try outscoring your mates on our end-of-year quiz!

1) We’d hardly had time to digest the turkey before news broke that Dean Fletcher had smashed the British record. Do you know how long before it the previous best was caught? (Clue, it was Oz Holness with Two Tone from Conningbrook!)

5 years 5 months
6 years 3 months
7 years 5 months

2) Which tackle company for Adam Penning swooped just outside the January transfer window?

TF Gear
Fox International

3) ‘Ology favourite, Nige Sharp banked a new PB mirror in March. This incredible beast went 50lb 8oz. Which of these famous fish was Nige’s previous PB mirror?

The Brute
The Royal Forty

4) Spring also saw a huge canal carp banked, for the third time, by Bill Phillips. Its weight was 45lb 4oz. The fish currently holds the UK canal record, but at what weight?

45lb 15oz
46lb 10oz

5) The Environment Agency announced changes to our rod licence fees this year. Can you remember what you’ll be paying for a new three-rod licence in April 2017?


6) One capture whipped the carp world into a frenzy in ’16 – when Tom Doherty landed Big Rig from RH Fisheries The Avenue. The giant fish was weighed at 70lb 4oz. However, the weight was rounded down for the unsuccessful record claim, but rounded down to what?

70lb 1oz
69lb 3oz
68lb 15oz

7) Cheshire carper Scott Lloyd banked what many consider to be one of the UK’s finest biggies in May. His target, Bite Mark, weighed in at 45lb 12oz, but where did he catch it from?


8) We lost the great Jan Porter in April. Jan made the switch from match fishing to specimen hunting, swapping his trademark red outfit for camo along the way. He loved to target tench from a famous day-ticket complex, bagging this 34lb beast on tench tactics! Where was it from?

Hardwick Smiths – Linear Fisheries
St John’s Pool – Linear Fisheries
Farlows Lake One

9) The year was only a day old when we learned of the death of this bait pioneer. What was his name?

Lenny Middleton
Fred Wilton
Duncan Kay

10) This March saw Gavin Neal set a new lake record of 48lb 4oz on St Johns Pool, at the renowned Linear Fisheries. Which fish set the new benchmark?

The Box Common
The Big Common
The Big-Tail Common

11) Warren Harrison banked a carp weighing over 90lb for the third time this April, in the shape of this 101lb 8oz beast. At which record-breaking venue was he fishing?

Les Teillatts

12) New TV show Monster Carp hit our screens in July. Which country didn’t the show visit in search of carp?


13) At which historic venue did Dave Levy catch the second-biggest grassie ever caught, this September?

Wraysbury One
Horton Church Lake
Yateley Match Lake

14) September also saw Rob Hughes’ Carp Team England travel to France to take on the world. In which position did they finish in the team event?


15) The winners of the 2016 BCAC competition were crowned in September. Can you name them?

Hewitt and Bartlett
Bygrave and Charrington
Londors and Flowers

16) The same BCAC event produced this simply mega, 37lb 7oz carp for finalist, Nick Longpre. Where was it held?

Walthamstow Reservoirs
Wraysbury One

17) In a year to forget for high-profile deaths, we also lost this well-respected carper in November. Can you name him?

Maurice Ingham
Harry Haskell
Peter Mohan

18) October saw Yateley West Fishery owner Martin Gardner bank this huge common, called Murray, at 47lb 4oz from the fishery he owns. In which lake does the big common live?

The North Lake
The Split Lake
The Car Park Lake

19) ‘Ology contributor, Marcus Howarth, banked yet another target biggie in November, Pingwood Lagoon’s Brute. Can you name the other fish that has previously topped 50lb at the famous Reading water?

The Silt Pit
The Jockey

20) Can you name the French super-water that Darrell Peck banked this cracker from during an autumn session?

Lac Du Der-Chantecoq
Lac d’Orient
Lac Salagou

21) Young TJ Elliott banked the huge Single Scale at 59lb 12oz from Rockford, to set a new Rockford lake record in November, but which of these anglers hasn’t caught the great carp?

Darrell Peck
Matt Jackson
Ed Betteridge

22) Why was Tom Doherty’s claim on the British Record, with Big Rig denied this December?

It wasn’t witnessed properly
The scales weren’t reading correctly
It was deemed a ‘cultivated fish’

23) This carper had another great year, and was voted Carp Angler of the Year as a result. Can you name him?

Luke Vallory
Myles Gibson
Scott Lloyd

24) Which ‘Ology contributor is behind the glasses?

Oli Davies
Dave Magalhaes
Nigel Sharp
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