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How to create a mushed-up mix!

This is the sweet version of Scott Lloyd's 'Krill Mushed-Up Mix'!

Carp love boilies, that there is no doubt, but they soon become well aware of their danger should they get caught on them a few times. It is with this in mind that carp-catching machine, Scott Lloyd, came up with this: Mushed-Up!

“I like to soak my baits for 24hrs before my session and by the time I am ready to apply them, the water is already coloured with a red tinge; this shows just how much attraction a whole bait leaks out, so imagine the response you get once it is broken up?” To the soaked boilies, Scott adds Sticky’s Krill Powder, Bloodworm Pellets and the Krill Liquid and then mushs the whole lot up in his hands.

But we’ve decided to put a slightly twist on Scott’s Triple M (Mega Mush Mix) and we’ve used Sticky’s Manilla. Seriously, you’ll want to eat this yourself it smells that great! And here's how you put it together... 

Manilla boilies in 12 and 16mm
Manilla Pellets in 2.3mm
Manilla Active Mix
Manilla Cloudy Liquid

1. Washing out your baits 24hrs before using them is key.
2. Once they have softened, mush them up in your hands, ensuring that no whole baits are left.
3. Next, add some Manilla Active Mix to add further attraction to the mix and alter the wet consistency slightly.
4. A few 2.3mm pellets are then added, followed by a good dose of Manilla Cloudy Liquid.
5. Here’s how it looks all together in the bucket. All you need to do now is give it a little stir around.

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