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Not a bad start!

UK angler, Darren Slinger, catches a Dutch 58lb+ mirror carp at Carpfarm Lake!


Darren Slinger is a fanatic carp angler and recently fished his first week at the Dutch Carpfarm Lake... one of three sessions planned for him so far. Carpfarm Lake is known as a challenging lake for advanced anglers only, and it took quite some effort and patience to land a fish. But he did!

Fishing from peg 5 he landed this 26,5kg (58lb+) monster carp after a long and hard battle. As you can see, what a beast! With 2 more trips to go, we hope that Darren will catch some more Dutch beauties.


Fancy a trip to The Netherlands as well for some quality carp fishing? Please visit the website of The Carp Specialist to find out all about Carpfarm Lake

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