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Dulled down in colour but maximised in attraction

Create the ultimate bait package...

IN OUR OLOGYFIX BOOK we revealed how to create ‘Colour and Flavour-Packed PVA Bags’: mini, super-packed, brimming-with-attraction solid PVA bags that are a little like fishing a single, bright pop-up, except they are a billion times more attractive and offer the ultimate in presentation. They offer all the oooomph! of a dosed up hi-attract pop-up but there’s a tonne of colour to pull the carp in. Now whilst that hi-viz colour is great on real runs waters, it’s far from idea on big fish, super pressured venues, so we’ve come up with a dulled-down-in-colour-but-still-as-attraction-packed alternative…

What you need:

High Impact Spicy Crab boilies
High Impact Salty Squid boilies
Salty Squid Pop-Ups
Salty Squid Enhancement System

1. Start by blitzing both of the High Impact boilies into a fine crumb using a food processor.

2. This set-up works best with a really small, whittled down pop-up, and we’re using one of Dave Lane’s favourites: the Salty Squid flavour. Load your solid bag in the usual fashion, ensuring the lead is sitting on the opposite side to the hook.


3. Using a dead bait syringe, suck up your chosen liquid (we’re using the Salty Squid flavour to match the hookbait) and then poke the needle into the top of the bag and inject.

4. And here’s how it looks once the bag has melted: a tight package of flavour attraction which comes with a dulled down colour tone!

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