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How Lewis creates a silicone line-aligner

Lewis Read shows how he creates an effective silicone line-aligner.


Why on earth would you actually want to faff about with kickers or extensions, especially when a simple, old-world Knotless Knot combined with a good hook pattern will catch you carp? Well, the answer is simple: more carp hooked, better hook-holds, improved resetting after a pickup, more consistent presentation and ultimately, more carp in your net.

How to tie a silicone line-aligner

1. Start by taking a good length of Thinking Anglers’ Tungskin, strip away six-inches of the coating like so. 

2. Using a pair of scissors, cut an inch of 0.5mm silicone tubing. Then use a sewing needle and pierce the tubing like so, next pull the uncoated section through the silicone.

3. Take a Curve Point hook (size 5 in this case), tie the hook on using the super reliable Palomar Knot. Now pass the tag end through the eye as Lewis has done so here. 

4. Now slide the tubing down over the eye as shown, finish the Hair with an Overhand Loop Knot.

5. Tie a Figure-Of-Eight Loop knot at the other end, and here is the finished rig: extremely deadly! 

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