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How To Make A Super Insanely Cloudy Spod Mix


OKAY, so you can buy one of many ‘ready-to-go cloudy spod mix’ where you just add lake water, but have you seen the price of those?! This mix isn’t just a damn sight cheaper but it’s even cloudier, even more attractive, and really easy to make. The first job is a trip to the supermarket (see shopping list below) and the second is to arm yourself with an old food processor. The key to this mix is the thousands of small particles - we’re talking blended hempseed small - and these, when mixed with the evaporated milk and rice pudding, create a huge cloud which hangs in the water for a seriously long time. Get blending, get Spombing, get the Zigs out…

What you need:

Food processor
White bread
Porridge oats
Sweet Coconut Liquid
Evaporated milk
Rice pudding

1. Take half a loaf of white bread (apparently white’s better as the salt and sugar content is higher) and blitz it in the food processor.

2. Now take your hempseed and run it all through the blender. Once mashed down to a pulp, add this, along with the bread, to a bait bucket.


3. Using the oiliest pellets you can lay your hands on (Bait-Tech’s Marine Halibuts are winners), blitz these in the food processor and then add to the mix.


4. Porridge oats go in next, followed by the evaporated milk, rice pudding, sweetcorn and a very good helping of Sweet Coconut Liquid.

5. Give the whole lot a good mix before putting the lid on and allowing it to rest. If the porridge oats soak up too much of the liquid, just add some lake water. Now get Spombing…


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