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Alan Blair Ology-fix

How to make Alan Blair's Quick Hit Mix

This bait concoction will work regardless of how cold it is outside...

There isn’t another human being alive who has less time to go fishing than Alan Blair. But he makes time. He sleeps less, works harder, faster, and when he does carve out these uber short windows of opportunity, he makes them count. At the heart of his short-session success is this mix. Whether it’s the maggots, that stunning citruz flavour, the Fizzing Stick Mix, or a combination of all three, we’re unsure, but one thing’s for certain: this mix will get even the most lethargic of carp moving and feeding! Here’s how you knock it together… 

What you need:
Mashed bread
Citruz Fizzing Stick Mix
6mm Citruz Pelle
Flaked Citruz Boilie
White 12mm boilies
Citruz Spod Syrup

1. If you have time, blitz some white bread up in a food processor. If you’re on the bank, cover the bread in water and mush to a pulp.

2. Now add the maggots.


3. Here’s how you add visual and scent stimulation: Nashbait’s Citruz. Alan uses the 6mm Pellets, Flaked Boilies and the Spod Syrup. 

4. Next pour in a packet of matching Fizzing Stick Mix and a good handful of 12mm white boilies. 

5. Mix well and this is what you’ll be left with… 


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