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How To Make Gaz Fareham's Go-To Spod Mix

CARPOLOGY: Is this your go-to spod mix for the spring/summer/autumn time? 

GAZ FAREHAM: “Yes, or at least a variation on this. I will sometimes tweak the levels and proportions of ingredients based on the venue though, i.e. add more of less whole baits, crumb or corn for example.”

CARPOLOGY: Will you prepare this the day before or on the day?
GAZ FAREHAM: “I usually prepare this version on the day, as I’m only lightly glazing the boilie with the liquid, there’s no real advantage in doing it overnight. On the harder waters I use the ‘washed-in/heat treatment’ method and steep the boilies in hot water and GLM for 12-24hrs to get them really soft and fully laced with the GLM water. I still think that is a massive edge on lakes that see a lot of bait every 24/48hrs.”

CARPOLOGY: How much do you usually introduce to start with and will you top up?
GAZ FAREHAM: “It entirely depends on the situation, weather and stock. If I’m fishing an easier lake for bites, I’ll happily put a couple of kilos a night out of this. If it’s somewhere harder and I’m being a bit more coy, it might just be half-a-dozen Spombs nice and tight.”

CARPOLOGY: What rig and hookbait do you use over the top?
GAZ FAREHAM: “Again, it depends, this time on the spot itself and the stock, but it will either be my trusty Amnesia D* or my Wide Gape Rig, both fished with a balanced bottom bait, usually a matching wafter tipped with a small fleck of yellow.”

CARPOLOGY: How will the mix differ as we go into the winter months?
GAZ FAREHAM: “I will exchange the Krill for Manilla, drop the pellet and up the sweetcorn and include a hefty amount of liquidised corn into the mix as well.”

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Mix breakdown 
12 and 16mm Sticky Krill boilies
Sticky Ellipse Pellets
GLM Powder
Pure Krill Liquid

How to put it together
1. Start off with a handful of whole 12 and 16mm Krill.
2. Add a food few handfuls of crumbed ones.
3. And follow this with a handful of Ellipse.
4. Now Gaz gives them a very light glaze with the Pure Krill Liquid.
5. He then dusts heavily with GLM and a teaspoon of Betaine.
6. Gaz finishes off the mix with a pinch of sweetcorn.

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