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How To Make Proper Spring Big Carp Pop-Ups

Spring has finally sprung… Woohoo!

NOW IF YOU DIDN’T use your time wisely over the chilly winter months and hand-roll a batch of perfectly formed special hookbaits, don’t panic, there’s still time, and thanks to CC Moore’s clever new Corkball Roller gadget, you’ll knock out a one-egg mix in zero time - and they’ll be even more seamlessly round! This month we’re using the brand’s tried, trusted and 110% proven big fish mix, Pacific Tuna, but you can use whatever bait/mix you’re confident in. Here’s how you make these oily beauts up and how the Corkball Roller works…

What you need:

One egg
CC Moore Pacific Tuna Hard Hookbait Mix
12mm Corkballs
CC Moore Corkball Roller

1. Crack and whisk one egg into a mixing bowl and then half of the supplied liquid.

2. Sieve the mix to remove any larger particle items and then add the mix, bit-by-bit, until you get a useable, pliable paste.

3. Leave the paste wrapped in cling film for about 30 minutes, allowing it to firm up a little.


4. Pinch off a small amount of paste and fill the cups in each sphere before placing a 12mm corkball centrally into the sphere with the collar around.


5. Slide the collar up on one sphere, before inserting the other sphere so both cups meet. Rotate the spheres back and forth, while applying a small amount of pressure together.


6. Remove one of the spheres and slide the collar down, removing the cut excess paste to reveal your perfectly round corkball pop-up.


7. Give the bait a quick roll between your palms to remove the slight ridge and then boil for 45 second.

8. Place corkballs on a soft towel to dry for two to three days, move around gently to remove moisture.

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