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How To Make Washed-Out Peach Banger Hookbaits!

Special corkball pop-ups which check off all the 'spring' boxes'

This month’s special hookbait is again a corkball pop-up, but this time based around a delicious smelling peach flavour package and finished in a pale pink. Here’s how you put them together…

What you need:
One egg
125g Fluro Pink Hard Hookbait Mix
White bait dye
10ml Ultra Peach Essence
3ml Live System Booster

Step 1
Sieve both the Hard Hookbait Mix and white bait dye to remove any larger particle items and then add to a plastic bag to thoroughly mix.

Step 2
Crack and whisk one egg into a mixing bowl, followed by the liquid flavours. Now add the mix, bit-by-bit, until you get a useable, pliable paste.

Step 3
Leave the paste wrapped in cling film for about 30 minutes, allowing it to firm up a little.


Step 4
Pinch off a small amount of paste and fill the cups in each sphere before placing a 12mm corkball centrally into the sphere with the collar around.

Step 5
Slide the collar up on one sphere, before inserting the other sphere so both cups meet. Rotate the spheres back and forth, while applying a small amount of pressure together. Remove one of the spheres and slide the collar down, removing the cut excess paste to reveal your perfectly round corkball pop-up.


Step 6
Give the bait a quick roll between your palms to remove the slight ridge and then boil for 45 seconds.


Step 7
Place corkballs on a soft towel to dry for two to three days, move around gently to remove moisture.

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