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How To Tie David Meek's Germ Rig

You need to try this uber neat (and attractive) set-up...


The Medusa Rig - in any one of it’s hundred different versions - is brilliant, but it does have one Achilles heel: when the maggots wriggle and rotate, they can twist your Hair up and cause lots of problems. To overcome this problem, replace the rig ring which is tied to the end of your short Hair for a micro rig swivel, so when the maggots rotate and twist, the swivel will do the same, meaning you still have a perfectly presented Hair and rig. Or, if you fancy fishing the presentation on a D-Rig, then follow David’s advice with this uber neat and attractive set-up… 

Tungsten Loaded or Ghost Fluorocarbon hooklink materials
ESP Para-Point hook (size 4)
Hook Rig Swivel
6mm Pop-Up
Stanley blade

1. With David’s set-up you don’t need to remove any of the outer-coating, so cut off a 12-inch length, whip on a size 4 Para-Point hook Knotless Knot style and then thread on a Hook Ring Swivel, securing it in place by passing the tag end back through the eye and blobbing with a lighter. At the other end, tie on a Uni-Link Swivel using a Figure-Of-Eight-Loop Knot.

2. Now take a 6mm pop-up, slice the top off with a Stanley blade and push this down onto the barrel of the swivel. The easiest way to do this is to pass some bait floss through the Hook Swivel, thread on the pop-up using a baiting needle and then position it onto the swivel’s barrel.

3. You then need to use a sewing needle to thread on your seven maggots to the bait floss before securing it to the Hook Swivel using a couple of Granny Knots.


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