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How to tie the non-slip loop knot

It you struggle to tie the Perfection Loop Knot (who doesn't!), then you need to give this alternative a go...

1. The bits and pieces you need…

2. If you’re using monofilament or fluorocarbon materials for Hinged Stiff Rig boom sections and Stiff Rigs, a nice tidy loop allows the rig to move freely.

3. Start the loop knot with a simple Overhand Knot about 20cm from the end.

4. Form a loop and pass the tag back through the Overhand Loop (include a swivel if necessary).

5. Now rotate the tag around the hooklink above the knot a few times and pass the tag end back through the centre of the original Overhand Loop (think ‘Blood Knot’ for this bit).

6. Tighten down using the tag. Don’t pull on the loop like you would with a conventional Figure-Of-Eight-Loop Knot otherwise you will end up with twists created in the loop (nasty!).

7. The loop should look like this: lovely, round and neat… A thing of beauty!

8. Trim off surplus tag material to finish (we prefer to ‘blob’ the tag end for extra security).

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