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Steve Renyard's Withy Pool Rig

The Withy still remains to be Steve’s favourite pop-up rig.


The Withy still remains to be Steve’s favourite pop-up rig. That super-aggressive curve in the shrink tube makes it extremely difficult for the carp to eject once it’s picked up the bait - just as Steve’s stats prove! Here’s how he ties it… 

25lb Duo-Fleck Braid
Size 7 Curve Point Hooks
Medium Shrink Tube
Hook Rig Swivels
Hook Beads
5mm Tungsten Round Bead

1. Start by tying a 4-Turn Grinner knot to a size 7 hook and then slide on a Hook Rig Swivel, followed by a Hook Bead.

2. Cut off just over an inch of shrink tubing and thread it down the hooklink and position over the eye of the hook.


3. Steam the shrink tubing down, and bend the tubing as soon as you take it away from the steam. Retaining that position, pop it back over the steam like so.

4. Next slide a Tungsten Round Bead down the hooklink material and position next to the tubing (leaving a few millimeters gap).

5. Thread your bait floss through the Hook Rig Swivel, attach a 12mm pop-up and then blob with a lighter to secure. The finished rig should look like this.

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